Safety Terms & Conditions

  1. Rinas Jumping Castles does not accept any responsibility for entrance or stand fees where the equipment is to be used, or any injury while using the jumping castle or water slide.
  2. You, the hirer, is responsible for ensuring adult supervision at all times to guarantee the safety of the users.
  3. It is the responsibility of the hirer to remove all stones or sharp objects before setting up the equipment.
  4. Do not set up near fire or braai.
  5. No children are allowed near to the blower.
  6. Electrical cables used to supply electricity to the blower must be rolled down completely to avoid heating. The electric cable must comply with all relevant standards.
  7. The blower should not be left lying on its side when in operation
  8. No Somersaults, flips, climbing and pushing each other off the walls it is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed
  9. In case of strong winds or severe weather, ensure all children have been removed from the Jumping Castles and then turn off the blower.
  10. The inflatable and any other equipment connected thereto is not to be moved, tampered with or shifted once it is been set up for use.
  11. All shoes, glasses, crinkle paper, sharp objects, sweets, toys and any other property of the users must be removed prior to using the inflatable.
  12. No children over the age of twelve years or groups over seven children at the same time are allowed on the equipment, to prevent injury and damaging the equipment.
  13. Only one user per time is allowed on the waterslide. No adults and persons over 50kg are allowed on the equipment.
  14. ln the event that the inflatable is used outside, the blower is to be protected from water, rain and including sprinklers etc.
  15. No adult or user is allowed to tamper with the blower at any time while in use to prevent possible injury.
  16. ln the event that the equipment becomes inoperative due to fault on the side of the hirer, discontinue the use of the equipment and contact Rinas Jumping Castles immediately.
  17. The hirer will not claim a refund or remedy and accepts full responsibility should the equipment be damaged due to misuse, abuse or gross negligence on the part of the hirer.
  18. The hirer acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understands the safe operation of the equipment.
  19. The hirer agrees to observe all safety precautions and agrees to the full price of the hired equipment if not returned, or the replacement/repair cost of damaged equipment.
  20. Ensure the set-up place do have a trip switch or on-earth leakage in 100% working condition.
  21. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the electrical power supply is well-earthed and the leakage is in full working condition.
  22. Electricity supply may only be given through the main switch.